Looking Back at Loss: The “Good” Side of Grief

Maybe we never get the answer for why they had to die, but we can create meaning out of our loss.

Continuing Bonds: Your Evolving Relationship with Someone Who Died

The grief theory of Continuing Bonds acknowledges that your relationship with the deceased has changed dramatically but will evolve into something new.

Setbacks in Grief

Making returns to intense feelings of grief when you thought you were feeling fine can leave you weary and wondering when it’s going to stop.

Grief Support: Paying it Forward

An important thing to remember when you’re supporting someone else experiencing grief is to not compare losses. Speak to the pain you see without judgment of the loss itself.

Missing the Old Me

You don’t just lose them, a part of you goes with them. And the deeper you loved someone, the larger the missing piece inside of you will be.