Memorial Art Projects

We talked previously about mindful journaling for documenting what you’re experiencing in grief, but for some people words are not a natural or comfortable way to express themselves.

Grief Compass is based in Minnesota and a lot of times our way to express grief and sympathy here is through hot dish (what all other regions would incorrectly refer to as “casserole”). Cooking and providing food is how we express a feeling when our words might be failing us.

express grief through artCooking is an art and art is, at its core, a form of expression. You probably see where we’re going here. If you can’t find the words to write in a journal, try art.

Now, before you tell me that you’re not an artist, I’d remind you that no one is ever an artist until they try to make some art. If you’ve tried in the past and feel you weren’t successful (whatever “successful” means in reference to art) maybe you weren’t using the medium that was best for you and there are so very many options.

Ways to artfully express your grief:

  • Cook one of your lost loved-one’s favorite recipes
  • Trace their portrait
  • Draw or paint part of a favorite memory
  • Make a scrapbook
  • Edit and order a photobook online
  • Construct a basement bar and name it after them
  • Arrange a bouquet of their favorite flowers
  • Decoupage a collage of places or activities they loved
  • Sew together their t-shirts to make blankets or pillowcases
  • Dance to their favorite album
  • Cross-stitch their favorite funny quote
  • Knit and donate baby booties in their favorite color
  • Build a memory box to keep their pictures in
  • Create matching memorial jewelry you can share with your family
  • Plant a memorial garden
  • Host a movie night playing their favorite movie
  • Sing their favorite song

art projects for griefThrow mud at a canvas, do whatever you feel, do whatever you want; literally anything is art. If the scary word of ART is tripping you up, call it a project. Again you can call it whatever you want, it’s your thing and it’s your grief, so you can’t do it wrong. Just do what you feel.

For other creative project ideas there is a great book called, Passed and Present: Keeping Memories of Love Ones Alive by Allison Gilbert which may have the perfect inspiration for you.

Thanks for visiting Grief Compass. We’re sorry you have to be here, but are glad we’ve found each other.

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