I would like to thank you and your family for Grief Compass. It’s given me many things to think about, and ways to cope with my feelings that I couldn’t discuss with my friends and family. May God bless you and your family. Thanks again. -Frederic
Oct 2020

I can’t tell you how much the “Grief Compass” has benefited me. Please continue to send emails. It takes in all the sensitive moments of Grief. Thank you again and again. I dearly look forward to these insights and all that it brings to me. I need it badly and appreciate it greatly.!!! – Mary
July 2020

I have read each of these they help so much, and are so in tune to everything I am going through. -Roxy
April 2020

What a wonderful short read. I’m struggling with guilt & reading this article helped me immensely. Thank you. – Chris
July 2020

Thanks for your words on grief today! I was having a very difficult time and you helped me -Marlene
Aug 2019

Thank you so much for Grief Compass. The insights are important and have been helpful. -Mark
July 2018

Thanks to you and your staff for your support at this difficult time and for the Grief Compass articles which are helpful. I am grateful for friends like you and your staff at this time of sorrow. 
Gratefully -Gloria
Aug 2020

Thank you for all your emails. It’s a great service you provide post funeral. God bless you and your staff, especially at this time in our world. -Brigitte 
May 2020

Thank you for thinking of me and sending me the Grief Compass program. It gives me direction and some quiet time to reflect on Mom and my feelings. – H. Shultz
Jan 2020

After [my wife’s] passing I’ve become (different) and I didn’t understand why or what if anything was wrong with me. I felt different about old friends, hobbies, and past interests. The people I enjoyed being around with [my wife] here, now seemed like we are growing less compatible as time moves forward. Thanks to this article I feel more at peace with my (new me) and move forward to a new life, friends, and interests…Thanks again Scott for sending the Grief Compass out. -Greg
Sept 2019