Sad valentines day

Valentine’s Day: It’s Complicated

For some people Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day spent celebrating love and relationships, but for some people February 14th is a blaring reminder of a love lost. Red hearts, flowers, and cupids are everywhere this time of year, so if you’re someone who won’t be in a celebratory mood here are some things you can do that might help manage the Valentine’s blues.

  • Buy Yourself a Gift
    Who says you need someone to buy a treat for you? If you want a spring bouquet of flowers, go for it. Chocolates or an indulgent dessert can be a decadent delight. Is there something special you’ve wanted but couldn’t justify buying? Now might be the time.
  • Create Some Art
    If memories of your relationship bring you joy, consider turning that love into art. You could make a scrapbook, paint a favorite place you visited, put together a shadow box of memorabilia, write a short story of how you fell in love, the options are truly endless.
  • Write Them a Love Letter
    The people we love affect our lives in a profound way, and that love doesn’t go away just because we’re no longer together. It’s alright to write out the love and feelings you still have for someone who is not with you for any reason.
  • Hunker Down
    Baby it’s cold outside, and this year Valentine’s is on a Monday. That sounds like a perfect recipe for a personal day. Why not avoid the romantic gestures being delivered to the office and spend a day cozied up in self-care? If you do that, consider making a flexible schedule for your self-care day; plan some activities that will help you recharge.
  • Cook a Meal
    Restaurants really lean into Valentine’s Day so it might be a good day to stretch your culinary skills at home. You could make your favorite meal, your love’s favorite meal, or something new that you’ve never tried before.
  • Reach Out To Someone
    Valentine’s Day is a tricky holiday and no matter where you are in your romantic life, it presents an opportunity to pause and reflect on whether there is someone in your circle that could use a gentle message or expression of the love you have for them. Valentine’s Day is a day for any kind of love, not just romantic.

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