Resolutions and Restarts in 2018

When you find yourself losing motivation, first forgive yourself, then revisit your resolutions and give yourself a solid restart. Here’s how:

The Grim Reaper in the Room

Why don’t people talk about death? Why is open talk of death, or trying to support someone experiencing a significant loss feel so awkward?

Who Am I Without Them?

Instead of using SWOT for a project we’re applying it to your life after loss to get an idea of where you’re at, and if you’re up for it, where you want to go.

You’re Not “Going Crazy”

grief can definitely make you feel like you’re losing touch with the normal reality you knew, which can be incredibly disorienting.

I Just Want Some Sleep!

Fatigue and exhaustion are common physical side effects of grief, another common issue is difficulty sleeping. Here are a few natural ways to help get to sleep.

Surviving the “Firsts” After Loss

Their birthday, holidays, vacations, anniversaries, social gathering, all these events can be a challenge to face for the first time without the person with whom you usually shared them. Here are five simple tools that will help you prepare for some of your “firsts.”

7 Tricky Grief Myths

Here’s a heads up on seven myths of grief you may have been told are true, that simply are not.

Crying In the Produce Aisle: Dealing with Attacks of Grief

Though it’s completely natural and healthy to cry, often times it can be embarrassing and frustrating. So here’s a quick dip into a mindfulness practice to help you regain a little control in those moments when you feel you’ve completely lost it.

The Red Tape of Dying

A list of administrative items that people commonly need to address in the wake of loss: property, personal items, life insurance, vehicles, and Social Security.

The Acute Loss Period

The 7 things that happen during the 10-14 days after the loss of a family member or friend are nearly universal and non-negotiable, they will happen whether you want them to or not.

Are Tears a Cry for Help?

This week Grief Compass is looking at why we cry and today we’re focused on an article from Time Magazine which presents one of my favorite theories, that emotional (or psychic) tears have a different chemical structure than the basal tears that just keep your eyes moist and the reflex tears that are produced in response … Continue reading Are Tears a Cry for Help?

Why Does Grief Make Me Cry?

We all know the feeling when we’re just about to cry. Emotion rises. Your shoulders pull up tight. A thick lump forms at the back of your throat. Breath becomes unsteady. Your chin trembles. You sniff as your nose starts to run. You fight it, but liquid starts to collect on your lower eyelid, blurring … Continue reading Why Does Grief Make Me Cry?